How NBT’s Solution Experts helped Royal Enfield ‘s Chennai Plant in Achieving Higher Production

Royal Enfield, a leading manufacturing company which manufactures bullets across the globe, was looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure using industry-leading solution. This upgrade was necessary to meet the present plant requirements and to keep up with the latest technology trends so as to have the maximum output.  

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Royal Enfield invested in the best breed technology solution and as a result of the Cisco network;  the business value achieved for Royal Enfield can be summed up as follows:-

  • Immediate Business Response – As a result of the best practice implemented the network, the company can respond faster to ever-changing market dynamics. Thus, it will enable an immediate business response.
  • Data Transfer at High Speed – Cisco network, allows faster data transfer with 1G downlink and 20G uplink connectivity, thus reducing the turnaround time for decision making.
  • Easy Upgradation – The Cisco network can be upgraded with ease and supports future network expansion plans. This made Royal Enfield investment in network infrastructure future-proof.
  • Industry compliant Network – The complete network has been designed and implemented as per the Cisco 3 tier architecture model (Core Distribution and Access).